How Things Began

Rewind to circa 1997. Pusateri International, a boutique, global sales consulting and training organization launched its curriculum on competing on value to its target market: C-Suite leaders of financial service firms and financial entrepreneurs. A marketplace with a focus on the high to ultra high-net-worth clients typically defined as the $1 million to $1 billion clientele. Their clients are a “who’s who” list of the top global wealth management firms.

One successful person after another was challenged through unique introspection to be their best in differentiating their organizations and distinguishing themselves or their teams. They wanted to stand out in a crowd and learn how to more effectively compete on the value they provide.

The Pusateri curriculum, at its core, focuses on a unique introspective process, not only for their client’s business or organization, but also for their personal life.

What clients also told Pusateri was that this process was more than a business development program; it was a life-changing program as well. The fire was lit for Leo Pusateri, its President and Founder of both Pusateri International and now The SabbaticalX. Listening to his valued clients and his own heart helped to crystallize this experience. There was a need to not only be your best in representing your company/business/organization, but also, to be your best in all aspects of your life, and to begin the process of living your legacy…now.

Making time for Yourself

We need to put ourselves on a personal quest to achieve our full potential in all the roles of our lives. Every role should be thought through, our values re-explored, our legacies created, and begun to be lived now.

As these following life thoughts have begun to surface, the SabbaticalX flame has grown brighter. Pusateri’s successful clients resoundingly have said they needed more time for themselves. The introspection needed to go deeper. Many were at a crossroad in their lives or their careers; many wondered what’s next? Others were not fulfilled and still others sought new insights and perspectives. Still, others were in search of personal meaning with regard to their own purpose. They started thinking of not just their clients’ legacy, but also of their own.

They needed more time. YOU need more time.

  •  Time to call a time-out in your life
  •  Time for rest, reflection, and re-invigoration
  •  Time to re-evaluate what’s important in your life
  •  Time to reminisce about where you’ve come from, what you have learned, and what you have accomplished
  •  Time to re-visit your goals/dreams/vision in your own life
  •  Time to re-assess your current reality and to re-energize the batteries in your life
  •  Time to begin the unique introspection process of achieving your full potential

By asking the right questions, we begin the process of living a life of significance with no regrets – a life focused on abundance, gratitude and perspective with an ultimate goal to be your best and live your legacy…