The Sabbatical Experience

Your Next Big Project is YOU

Welcome to Your Next Big Project Is YOU, a podcast based around the theme of "time".

That’s it my friends. If you’ve got time, fasten your seat belt and listen in as we discuss opportunities for the next 5-25 years of your life.

And remember, Your Next Big Project Is YOU.

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Latest Episodes

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better individual and an organization that truly understands what client engagement is all about. Julie Littlechild is an absolute expert on the issues of client loyalty.

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E015 - Anne Apking - Website Thumbnail

Anne Apking is a proven leader in designing high-performance learning journeys. A key part of Anne’s work today is helping successful individuals think about the next 5 to 25 years of their life. Listen to Anne describe her two favorite words, “I wonder…”

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E014 - Alan Feldman - Website Thumbnail

Alan Feldman has had a tremendous career focused on Real Estate, Management, and Finance. During our podcast, Alan shares some simple rules, words, and wisdom from his mentors that continue to affect his thinking and teaching of others today.

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E013 - How To Heal and Rebuild with Mark Colgan - Website Thumbnail

Mark Colgan has been in the Wealth Management business since 1993. A week before 911, Mark experienced an extraordinary and traumatic event in his life – the unexpected passing of his wife. What he experienced soon became the impetus to help others experiencing the unfathomable – losing their best friend.

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E012 - Highlights, Volume 1 - Website Thumbnail

This episode is our version of a Top 10 Hit Parade. I invite you to listen to some of these highlights we’re sharing around living a life of significance, living a life with no regrets, living a life with abundance, with gratitude, with a quest to be your best, having perspective in your life.

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E011 - Dan Wilhite - Website Thumbnail

Dan Wilhite brings a lifetime of business perspectives coupled with his ongoing thirst for intellectual curiosity and what life’s opportunities are for all of us to grasp.

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E010 - Be Relevant or Go Home - Dr. Judith Patton Website Thumbnail

What an amazing life that Judith Patton has lived. Her positive attitude on life and what lies ahead for all of us is absolutely infectious. Hear her definition of success which entails the simple question, “are you happy?” – that alone will make you think differently.

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E009 - In Search of The Next Mother Teresa - Website Thumbnail

Taking the time to listen to some of Doug Rea’s stories will literally blow you away. Doug Rea is a freelance still, video & FAA certified aerial photographer, editor and multimedia producer for humanitarian and media organizations.

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E008 - Vito Torregiano Website Thumbnail

Listen to a riveting story of how business inflection points have led to a life of abundance. Vito took a leap of faith and dealt with many things he could not control in his career. Hear about the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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