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Your Next Big Project is YOU

Welcome to Your Next Big Project Is YOU, a podcast based around the theme of "time".

That’s it my friends. If you’ve got time, fasten your seat belt and listen in as we discuss opportunities for the next 5-25 years of your life.

And remember, Your Next Big Project Is YOU.

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Latest Episodes

If you have ever had a loved one with Alzheimer’s, you’ll want to listen in to this podcast. This one was very close to the heart for me as I dealt with this personally with my wife, watching my father-in-law fall to this disease. It was a privilege speaking to Jack about the ins and outs of Alzheimer’s and knowing your opponent as Jack references in tackling this disease head-on.

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Insights & Wisdom From a True Icon and Legend Website Thumbnail

If you’ve never had the opportunity and privilege to hear Don Connelly speak, I suggest you listen to this podcast. Don is all about going back to the basics and sticking with it. He’s a prolific storyteller who uses analogies and parables to make the unfamiliar familiar.

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If you’ve thought about where you want to take your business, to the next level of growth and success, then I would highly advise you to listen to this podcast with Jen Goldman. You will feel her passion for her work immediately.

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E025 - Kevin J. Corcoran - Website Thumbnail

Kevin Corcoran is one of the coolest and accomplished guys I know. He has more than 40 years of consulting, leadership and coaching expertise on his resume. Listen in as Kevin shares his story on what’s really possible when you set your mind to it.

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E024 - Jim Gould - Website Thumbnail

Jim Gould has built a very successful, independent, and employee-owned registered investment advisory firm, Alesco Advisors. Their emphasis on SERVICE, INTEGRITY, and VALUE guides their client-first ethos. Listen in as Jim shares his career journey and his philosophies on business and life.

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Live In Your Community, Not Off Your Community with Patrick Burke

An amazing entrepreneur, Patrick is a voracious reader and a consummate professional with an unconditional commitment to excellence in all that he does. Patrick lives from a simple creed which is “Live in your community, not off your community.” If you want to listen to someone who really gets you thinking, listen to Patrick.

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Our 22nd episode is Volume 2 of our Top 10 Hit Parade. I’ve been privileged to interview a number of leaders, managers, and coaches, to really rewind their lives and their careers to talk about their journeys to success and what they value most.

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E021 - Embrace Change, Stay Relevant

Andrew Tappe is a true renaissance man. He lives a life led by a love for his family, filled with excitement and adventure. Listen in as Andrew shares his thoughts about living a life of significance. His thinking focuses on staying relevant to the people in his life that he truly cares about.

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E020 - Michael Bradley - Live Life By Design, Not By Default

The shift from Return on Investment (ROI) to the Return on Life (ROL) has begun. Listen in to hear Michael’s authenticity come alive as he shares his personal perspectives on the things that are really important when you have your hand on the hearts of your clients.

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